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The Echo  Of Life

A man and his son was walking in the forest
suddenly the boy trips and feels a sharp pain
He screams   ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Surprised he hears a voice coming from the mountains   ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Filled with curousity ,he screams  Who Are You
  But the only answer he recieves is Who Are You

This makes him angry he yells you are a
The voice answers  you are a coward!""
    He look at his father and ask  daddy what
is going on
Son !! the man replies  .. pay attention and
then he screams  " I  admire you "
  The voice answers   "I  admire you"
      The father shouts  " You are wonderful"
       The voice answers " You are wonderful"

The  son is amased but still confused about what is going on

then the father explains..People call this an Echo but truly it is LIFE !
Life always gives you back what you give  out
Life is a mirror of your actions
If you want more Love then give more Love
If you want more kindness give more kindness

I f you want more understanding and respect give more understanding and respect
If you want more people to be more paticene
give people more patience
This rule of nature applies to every aspect of our lifes
For Life always give back what you give out

Your life is not a coincidence ,but a mirror of your own doings
You are but a mirror of your own reflection
Look deep within yourself before looking into others

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