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    I  was talking to an old friend about you


Night time has fallen and Darkness has set in
the flames of  my fire are flirting & dancing with the wind
the loons are calling for thier  lost mates
As I start talking to an old friend about our fate.

I described you to him which I went on for hours & hours
As I looked into his face  he sat still & just smiled
I told him how you've enlightened my long  heavy heart
how  precious you are and beautiful, loving ,caring and smart

And as the darkest hours lingered  and I just rambled on
He just sat there smilng all night long
It was like he already knew you
Wouldnt it be  Kewl, if you and I have the same friend to

Well night time is  fading and here comes the early dawn
My friend  will be leaving now as the dew falls on the lawn
So I bid him a farewell  as the sky turns into it`s greyish blue
I will miss my friend the man in the Moon
as much my friend  as I miss You


Bill Rodgers 10/5/2001