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These Headdresses are ornaments to hang up in your vehicle
office or  home , etc. depending on the size you want....
They can be made either with wooden or glass beads ,
feathers or metal trinkets and of any colour combination you desire.

The headdress was once part of a hunter's
     personal medicine or spiritual armor. He
        believed that it gave him superhuman
    powers needed to survive.

Prices vary from $20.00 U.S. and up

Prices do not include shipping .I will ship
World Wide..

Below are  only a few pictures of the headdresses I have made.

#1  #2 #3#4   #5 

#6      #7    #8   #9 

#10   #11 

#12    #13      #14 

These are some of the Metal Trinkets I use for a very nice looking add-ons
add $2.50 per headdress  for add-ons.

We also make
         Earrings           $ 12.00 per pair
   Keychains        $ 7.00 each
         Braclets            $ 20.00 and Up

You may order a HEADDRESS BY NUMBER that is available from the pictures  shown   or you may order a personalized ONE  just for you or as a gift for someone  you love. I will then create the HEADDRESSES for you similar  to one of the ONES shown in the pictures,  or you may commission to have it be made to
your specifications.


   Please inform  us the details of your order . We'll confirm your order with a return email, and will enclose instructions for sending payment.

Please use the info below if you are sending a check,certified cashier check or money order payment by postal mail.All personal checks must be cleared before product is shipped.

Shipping is Extra in Canadian funds

All orders are shipped the same day funds are received. Please choose your preferred method of shipping below. You will be advised of the amount in your Order Confirmation email, and will have the opportunity to change your selection before your order is processed. Please note: Overnight service is not available in all areas.


Canada Post (insured),  2-3 weeks* Rush UPS ,3-5 days* Overnight UPS

Next day delivery*

* business days from the time funds are received.


Preferred payment method:

Money Order
in Canadian funds only

Cashiers Checks
in Canadian funds only

Personal Checks will be excepted

-in Canadian funds only.. takes 10 days to clear before shipping
and a $25.00 charge for NSF checks

click on the money sign to find out what the exchange  is


Your Information

All of the following  is required. We cannot process incomplete order forms.
Please re-check that your information and order is correct before sending.

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