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                                              His skin is tanned and wrinkled
                                                 But his eyes are bright and clear.
                                          His voice has a slight waver,
                                              and it is getting harder for him
                                                              to hear.He walks with anunfaltering step,
                                                      with a strong and purposeful stride,
                                                 And everywhere he goes it seems
                                                  there are young ones by  his side.

                                                   He tells them stories of yesterday,
                                             of the heroes of days gone by,
                                               he tells them stories that makes
                                                                them laugh and some that make them cry.
                                                                       He teaches them abouttheir People,about their
                                                                    culture and tradition,He teaches them honor
                                                                   and respect for the Creator and all creation.
                                                             But the best lesson that he teaches them
                                                                          is the life he lives each day. For no matter what
                                                                      confronts him,no matter what comes his way,

                                                                       The Elder faces life with the reality  that what
                                                                   is meant to be will be,He lives his life with
                                                                dignity,He lives his life with pride.His life
                                                                          reflects the balance and the peace he has inside.
                                                                       The Elder smiles as he watches the young ones
                                                                           run and play,For he knows that because of them
                                                                  his People will have another day.

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