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Today I sit here listening to the echos of the coming storm
The crackling of the distant thunder, like the drums of my
ancestors long ago .I am awed by the melody of the  music
 and sounds created by The Great Creator and Mother Earth
As I Long for her  imbrace , like that of a child craving for his Mother

Oh Mother of this earth there is so much beauty within you
Your music ,your natural gifts,the animals and all living things ,even the trees
Even now though I am a grown man it give me much peace and joy in my heart
as I watch the wind dance with and gently caress the leaves of the trees
How you flirt with it limbs and make them bow to the music of the
beating of the distant thunder and as the lightning  dances across the dark
and beautiful sky
So please join me my friend sit awhile as we sit here listening
to the echo`s of the coming storm
Here we to can dance or share an embrace ,a story or a dream
and listen to the music that even our ancestor danced and sang to with gleem

May the joy be plentiful within your heart
May your Earths walk be a long one my FRIEND
May you always dance with the wind
Especially in the echo`s of the coming storms