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                                           Dancing with the Wind

                                   Oh Spirit of the wind,Please come to me...
                                           Share your gentlness with me,Your soul, a silhouette
                                             Take me into the midnight sky, unlocking the doors to
                                                          My inner strength. Make me rise, Never to touch down again
                                                         Help me soar like the eagle lift my hopes within my dreams...
                                                  As our spirit gently rises  in a wonderful escapade of awe
                                                Our can spirits dance among the clouds ,highlighted with
                                                   The essense of the Moon and the Stars .
                                                                You are the direction  of my soul so please turn it  ever so gently.
                                                          As we dance soul to soul as we drift down to the Mother Earth
                                                      Only to be lifted again and again as WindDancers
                                          dancing in the wind

                                 WINDDANCER         02/10/02


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