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Dance with me Friend

As I walk among the trees deep into the woodlands
Listening to the sounds of the leaves singing and  dancing
so carefree with the wind
How it reminds me of you my friend so gentle and kind
      You are like a clear blue shinning sky
with the beauty of a red sunset
Your friendship gives me peace both in my heart & soul

And when  my eyes open each day here on our Mother Earth
I look forward to our meetings and conversations
 I want you to also know I am here for you
if you need my shoulder to cry on,
my ears to listen ,
My arms to hold you no matter who you are,
be man or woman For my heart hold no discrimination
nor do my eyes
        My temple is your temple to share when you need me
till the day that I die
And when that day comes, plz do not cry .
As it is The Great Creator calling me home
for my job here on Mother Earth will be done.

Sing for me and loud  so that my spirit can rise and find
the Great Creators home we all call heaven
And when you feel that gentle breeze blowing softly against
your face and your heart,
It will be me  WindDancer saying my final goodbyes.

So may your dreams always be filled with peaceful thoughts .
May the world hug you today with it`s warmth and Love
May it whisper a joyous tune in your heart.
May the wind carry my voice for if you wish to know
the mind of a this man, listen to my words.



Ogen'akwa Okwa're. Golden Bear aka Bill


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