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                    WHEN THE SPIRITS CALL MY NAME

                         I am quiet so that the Spirits can enter and call my name.
                   I listen as they speak I hold no thought of shame.
                                    They come to me in the silence of the meditation by the fire.
                                          I open myself to the teachings and they fill my soul with desire.

                       The Spirits come to tell me things I could not know.
                        Of legends before my time and where the Spirits go.
                       They talk of the souls of the departed sitting at the
                        Wise Council in the sky.
                                                 They tell of the coming again of things we thought had passed us by.
                                                     The return of the buffalo on the plains, the return of the water so pure,
                                            they tell of the peace among the men who know the land so sure.
                                Of hearts in the mending, of peace among us all.
                           Of great men still standing long after the fall.
                                    Returning to a time where there was abundance in the land.
                                   And the land was shared by all before it left our hands.
                           No matter what your Native American heritage,
                                                 you have Spirits of your tribe reaching out to tell you of the legends.
                                      Be still and listen ... with pride.