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What Animals are telling us

Nature contains all knowledge.All the strength of life.

Power animals are those in spirit that walk with you through life,

and give you daily messages, here is what they mean.



-Eagle is telling you,

that you are close to the Creator,

and this is the time you are able to

be more in tune with yourself.

To follow what path pleases you in life.



Hawk tells you to look around at your surroundings,

and notice what messages are being sent to you.

Hawk gives you the power to overcome stressful situations.



Elk teaches you to pace yourself,to increase your stamina,

and to connect with people of your own gender for friendship.



Deer is telling you to be gentle,love people for who they are,

and to apply gentleness to present situations.



Bear means to tell you that you seek truth in matters,

you have a inner-knowing,

and need to be in silence to recollect yourself.



Right now you feel you need to transmutate a thought or desire,

to achieve wholeness within yourself. Snake medicine is a strong medicine,usually the medicine of a shaman or magician,

also means changing consciousness.



He tells you to be yourself and you will gain respect.

And learn to respect yourself.

And repel those who seek to take your energy.



Otter tells you to stop worrying,to relax.

She teaches you to love without jealousy.

Otter is balanced energy.



Butterfly tells you about transformation,how you are changing.

What colors are you drawn to lately?

Do they make you feel better?

Having clarity in your personal life and career.



Turtle is Earth Medicine.

She is probably telling you,

that you need to get back to the earth.

You need to become grounded,

and notice the world of nature that surrounds you.



This medicine is about having confidence in yourself,

It is the time of pride and giving recognition,

to those who have helped you through you life,

and also to yourself.



Learning how to relax and be a child again.

To have fun and not take life so seriously.



If coyote walks with,

you then he teaches you how to make people laugh,

also you are someone that is able to convince others,

of anything you imagine.



This medicine teaches us about being true to ourselves,

and to others, about unconditional love.



This medicine seems to have alot of people walking with it,

and that is because he is the teacher,the protector,

and picks one mate for life.

Wolf is about the unity of family,

and also teaches about psychic energy and your inner self.



Raven signals a change in consciousness,

an inner realm or discovery.

Magic is in the air.



He teaches you about courage,

about taking charge and not always being the follower.



This medicine is about clairvoyance,

and about being ask to keep many secrets.

And also having the knowing or insight of secrets not told.

Powerful medicine.



Giving thanks to what you already have in life,

and praying for those who don't.

The buffalo is a animal of sacrifice,

and it was his great love for the people by giving his life,

so that they could live.

That makes him very sacred medicine.



If mouse walks with you,

then you are able to see people with a magnifying glass.

You are able to see every detail of a person,

that perhaps another person might not see.



Tells you to pay attention to your dreams,

and to seek truths,

for there you may find it.



Beaver is telling you to put all those great ideas in your head,

into action.

Stop being a talker and do it.



This animal teaches us how to be divert.

How to use your intuition,

to achive victory in any task that may be in your life.



Says you speak with great voice,

and all listen to you.

He has no sense of time,

and also he helps to take you places in the dreamtime.



Teaches you how to listen but not be seen.

Being present but noone notices.



Squirrel medicine shows us how to collect,

and save things for future use.

Or he's telling you that you need to do this.



Breaking down illusion to transform your life,

and changing the habits that aren't beneficial for you.



Being able to say" No",

teaches you not to always say yes,

to the things you know you are unable or don't want to do.



Badger people are quick to express their opinions,

no matter what the consequences.

But also, he can teach you to have some fire when you need to.



Teaches you to get rid of doubt and fear and anxiety.

To try to not panic so much in situations.



When turkey walks with you,

he teaches you about being able to give,

and being able to always help people or animals in need.



People with ant medicine are people that have patience,

and are able to wait long or for something better to come along.

There are plenty of people that could use some ant medicine.



You have the ability to see someone for who they truly are,

no matter what shields they may bring up.



Is asking you to dance either in celebration of the earth,

or in a exciting moment in your life,

or perhaps a new love.



Learning how to use your gifts and talents to achieve power.



Learning how to pay attention to your dreams,

both awake and sleeping.

This is the medicine of the dreamer.



This medicine comes to tell you of your higher purpose.

To show you that there is much more in life for you.



This medicine tells you that,

you need to totally cleanse your body,

and soul.

To rid it of the negativities that have enveloped you.

Clearing your distractions.



Is telling you.....

to except the beautiful changes that are happening now to you.



Teaches you about communing with nature,

and building your life force energy to all that it can be.

They have proven that,

the sonar from a dolphin,

triggers something in the human brain to heal.

So this is a very powerful medicine and animal.



People with whale medicine are keepers of ancient information

encoded in their DNA,

and retain everything they read,

these people are fairly telepathic.



Tells you to let go of your past life,

so that you may be born again,and start new.



Telling you to create,

or warning you of entangling situations that might arise.



There is or will be alot of love,

and joy and beauty surrounding you.



Tells you to be always willing to learn new things.



Teaches you to relax,

and how to strengthen your family unity.



Tiger helps you to get a task over,

with that you don't want to do,

he helps you to have the confidence,

that you need to achieve this.



If cheetah is walking with you,

then things are going fast.

He teaches you how to get things done immediately.



Teaches you about being on your own,

believing in yourself,

not needing anyone to help you,

also having psychic insight.

Cats teach us about self.

We see all kinds of sighns around us.From people, animals and nature.

But even the smallest signal can change your life when you finally see ......


Have an open mind and listen to your heart.It will guide you all the way on your path!!!


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