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                           A Time When The Spirit Was Truly Free

                             I wake to a new day. For the night has gone away.
                                            I see the sun rise in the sky. A new day had begun in my life.
                                  I see in the day all the same things of modern day life.
                                     I hear the sounds of the city & the chatter of the people
                                            in the streets.I can feel the clutch of society close my breath.
                                    It is hard for me to breathe.I walk alone surrounded by
                                     strangers that go on with their day & go & do the things
                                      they do in their day. Some are going to work & some are
                                  taking their kids to school.
                                I know I exist in the realty of today’s modern world .
                             But my thoughts & my soul go back to a time long
                               ago when the spirit was truly free.
                                         When you can stand among the open land & hear the wind
                                           call out your name & carry it across the valleys & mountains
                                       of mother earth. A time when you could feel the  touch of
                                  the sun that embraces you with warmth.
                                  To feel the rain fall upon your skin.To run with & hunt
                                               the wild animals. To thank them for their spirit & strength that
                                 will give you life.  To drink the water of the rivers that
                                     cut through the land.That fill you with its cold essence &
                                  which it to gives you life. A time when your spirit
                             could fly on the wings of your dreams with the eagle
                                that flies to the place where dreams are made.
                                 A time where nature & spirit were one. To call out loud
                      & be heard by the land & the sky. It was a time
                        when the spirit was truly free.
                              A freedom of heart felt happiness for the world to see.
                                    I wake from my walking dream & smile.Yes I know I live
                        my life in today’s modern world. I hear all the
                        sounds of the city & see the people go living their
                                         lives like they always do each day.But I am free in my heart,
                              like the land & sky from a time long ago. My spirit is
                         truly free & always will be. The night comes & the
                                   day is done. I smile & can’twait for the new day to come.
                              So I can start a new journey in a time long ago
                           when the spirit was truly free.