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                           Wolf Ways

                               The cry of the wolf, cuts the silence of the night.
                               A sound so familiar,  that man instinctively seeks flight.

                               Those who seek to understand, know that they are not cruel.
                                 They kill only what they need, living by mother nature's rules.

                                  The wolf pack is a family, just like yours and mine.
                                    Living together with unwritten laws, each member knows when
                         it is their turn to dine.

                                Wolves are loving and caring parents, punishing and praising
                       each pup their due. For each one must learn their place,
                        if the pack is to survive each generation anew.

                                   So when you hear a wolf's howl,  listen to it to the full.
                                    Feel its' primeval beauty, way deep down in your soul!