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The picture for the background  was
created by my Sweet Sister Maggie

Oak logs will warm you well.
That are old and dry;
Logs of pine will sweetly smell
But sparks will fly.
Birch-logs will burn too fast,
Chestnuts scarce at all;
Hawthorne-logs are good to last
Cut them in the fall.

Holly-logs will burn like wax,
You may burn them green
Elm-logs like to smouldering flax,
No flame to be seen.

Beech-logs for winter time,
Yew logs as well,
Green elder logs are a crime
for any man to sell.

Pear-logs and apple-logs,
They will scent your room,
Cherry-Logs across the dogs
Smell like flower of broom.

Ash-logs, smooth and gray,
Burn them green and old,
Buy up all that come your way
Their worth their weight in gold.