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In many ways like my brother, the BEAR...I am at times, alone
and there is nothing wrong with solitude. It is during times
of solitude that I find I am closest to All Creation.
But like my namesake, the BEAR, I seek out the company of others..
.there are times I need to talk and times I do not. It is those who
understand me most, that understand why this is so.

But I am just a man - seeking the wisdom of  all creations here
on our Mother Earth , becoming one with the strength and power of the Bear.
But the wolf spirit is within me as well. As the bear rest during
the winter months,  the wolf spirit  runs freely .
But I am a man, though filled with the Spirit of the Bear ,
the Wolf, a Warrior, a Humanitarian , A man  traveling on the
Red Road of Life, with my Spirit Animals and Brothers by my side.

I created  this page to try and get people to touch their spirit.
I was taught to walk my path, and be proud of who I am.
I will be quiet no longer. Most people think 'seeing' is believing.
Well I have seen many things. And if you have not seen and
do not believe, it is your responsibility to get in touch
with your spirit. That is our purpose for being here. If you fail
to do this, you are missing out on the greatest gift we can be given,
sacred oneness with our Creator.
Just because you have not seen, does not mean something does not
exist. There are many mysteries in this life. The fast pace of todays life
styles have made us forget our purpose for being here. We miss so much
just trying to make a life.
I have been on both sides of this spectrum. I have had much and lost much.
It usually takes a tragedy to finally 'see'. Why wait? 'See' now!
Your intent in your life, is exactly what you get. If you work, to keep up,
then that will be your life. You will work and probably get all the material
things you desire, but you will never be satisfied.
You will always yearn for something. You feel it now. Can't put your
finger on it? It's your soul reaching out to you. Stop ignoring it!
To really reach your soul, you need time alone. Scarey isn't it?
Don't like yourself much, or are you just afraid to look? I believe the
hardest thing you will ever have to do is, look at who you really are
and accept you. Once you can do that, you will start to change the things
you may not like. But be kind to yourself. After all, we are only human.
We all have seen things we do not like. Most important, is to start now.
From this moment on, day by day. That's all any of us can do.

Please remember these are only one persons thoughts and beleifs
you be the judge as to  wether or not  they hold any truths or values to you
I am a Man who has made many tracks
As I walk the Red Path here upon Our Mother Earth