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The Spirit of the RedMan
I am not seperate from My Creation any more than your thoughts are seperate from you.
I am not the Reality behind the world But the reality that is in it.
For I am in the world with you in all your life. Wherever you are, wherever you go,wherever you look.You can see Me in the Moon. And in the Stars,that bring forth light,out of the darkness. You can feel Me in the Breeze that kisses your cheek.You can Hear Me in the Flowing Waters,that refresh and renew.

The tiny, seed that Grows to be a Mighty Oak containsMy power and the Bud that Blossoms forth in Flower enfolds My fragrance.I, am with you Now,in the ever changing present hat is True Eternity.Closer than the Breath, that brings Your Body Life. Closer,than the Thought that springs within the Mind.
That Ignorant Men call Finite. Closer than the Beat that keeps your heart in Tune. For, I am too be found -Nowhere but where you are.
For I, am the One that is all and can be seen in all. Anywhere, Everywhere.
And I, am the All that is One,in everyone.
So, find me now.
Touch me now.
Feel me now.
And-Love ME Now,wherever You are.
 You will Walk the Earth in Beauty!