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                                      ~How many times do we look in the mirror and wonder...
                                      What is life? Why am I here? Where does the time go?
                 Our lives are so busy, yet what do we do?
                                              We run here, there, scrambling to get done all that must be
                           done,Yet we never finish, always there is more.

                                                           More to be done, more to be cared for ,more to face Time slips by
                                     passing through our grasp ,Defying us to try to stop it,
       to try to finish all that must be done.
                     Will there be no end? Will there be no rest?
              Will we find no peace and contentment?

                                                         ~Our sanity hangs in balance, teetering dangerously as we struggle.
                              Again we look in the mirror, and what do we see?
                 Exhaustion, confusion, sadness, and pain.
                                        Time comes to pause, to think, to find what lies beyond.
                                                          There must be more. There must be reason. There must be sanity.
                                   We look deeper. Our mind opens and there is truth.
                                                 We make our own lives, often finding that for which we seek.
                                         Beneath the exhaustion, confusion, sadness, and pain...
                                                    there is more, A smile hides deep, struggling to find freedom,
                                            to be shared.
                                                      ~Can it be so easy? To just pause, rest, look around, and share
                                              a smile?Perhaps finding peace and contentment comes in
                                                knowing when to accept them.Knowing when to rest, when
                                          to pause  and just look, to know when to share a smile.
                                  To remember, that life was not meant to be simple
                                      , but to be experienced.Life is a never-ending journey,
                                                           and what we find is often up to us,If we can only see, and hold to
                               our sanity, perhaps someday we will understand.
                                            Until then, we hold on, and continue... always searching,
                                  always wondering, never-ending....