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     Once Can Anyone Listen

    Once, we were like the geese,
         whose spirit is to stay together.

         Once, we fanned the fragrance of burning
        sweetgrass, with the sacred eagle feather.

           Once, we respected our spirit helpers,
          we listened to what they had to say.

           Once, we would purify ourselves in a sweat bath,
       at the dusk of a given day.

         Once, we lived in harmony with everything,
       above and below the trees.

             Once, we had strong and healthy bodies,
              we had no worry about disease.

              Once, the elders warned to keep the circle strong,
               and respect every traditional beiefs

     Once we did not heed their words,
      Now our lives have become filled with grief.

          Once would give us all great pleasure in our hearts
             If only the Whiteman would let us our heritage ways

            Once is more than enough for anyone to beg to be free