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All Day Venison Stew Basted Buffalo Steak Fried Beaver Tail
American Indian Stew Bear Stew Fried Squirrel &Gravy
Baked Goose Beaver Tails Fried Goundhog
Baked  Muskrat Bison Stew FryBread
Baked Rabbit Black Bear Chili Garlic Rabbit
Baked Wild Duck Braised Moose Marinated Bear Steak
Barbecued Bear Braised Partridge Moose Pot Roast
Barbecued Duck Buffalo Hump Chili Moose Roast
Barbecued Rabbit Cook Out Rabbit Moose Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Barbecued Raccoon Crockpot Venison Stew Moose Steak
Moose Stew
.Pan-Stewed Rabbit
Panseared Bison Tenderloin
.Pheasant Casserole
.Roast Duck Sage & Onion Puree
Roast Duck with Pecan Stuffing
.Sauted Buffalo Steaks & Chops
.Squirrel Stew
Stewed Grouse
.The Mooseburger Sub
Vension Chili
Quick-N-Easy Partridge 
.Warrior's Casserole
.Yellow Cornmeal Dumplings