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                                                    NATURE & BEAUTY

                                                            .       .

                                                                   Do you know whatís important about finding a place,
                                                           Somewhere in time where your mind can unlace.
                                                              Where the beauty of visiting slows down the pace,
                                                                 And the senses are exposed to a sharp Ďabout-faceí.

                                                    The point is well taken and called introspect,
                                                     A world all in harmony that is picture perfect.
                                                                A place drawn from visions like those seen as a kid,
                                                             Images that are breathtaking ~ appear enchanted.

                                                     Nature & Beauty that are right on the track,
                                             Bring on the feeling ~ take up the slack.
                                                        Slow down the real world from inside the mind,
                                                 And reflect in the pleasure of eternal time.

                                                   It takes just one visit to want to come back,
                                                             To a place where thereís safety and not an attack.
                                                   Enjoying the moment and the feeling within,
                                                  Your life becomes peaceful and all genuine.

                                                               That place we all search for should be easy to find...
                                                           and itís created from visions within our own mind.
                                                        Meditate on this image and reside in this place,
                                                A feeling of comfort ~ all STRESS Erased.