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 My heart yearns for times long ago
When a mans heart and spirit can be free to roam.
The times that long ago a man would mount his            horse and head out to guard his land. Traveling back and forth during the sunsets full of brilliant colors
flashes of red, yellow and orange hues streak the
skies like a large brush softly caressing the sky.
He is proud and true to what he is and comes from.
He knows neither of his future nor of his peoples.
The miles of land that he used to play on, as a
child is his domain. His domain he played on is what
as a man he guards. Hunting with pride and skill,
he does not leave anything behind. His skill and pride
that he has that was instilled in him from his people
is what makes him the man he is now. He tells the

stories of long ago that were passed down from   generation to eneration with the legends of his people to show the spirit of his people. Everyword of every story, with all of the music that the wind sings . For as long as he lives he will teach people, With every breath he takes he tells his peoples truth. For this the man with in his own heart and soul can feel free. The wind carries his heart and soul to a place where he can feel free and like and eagle he is wise, strong, fearless, swift and a true leader the wing span of this animal is great to where the span of the mans heart, arms and spirit span is perfectly described. He is like the wolf, which is protective, strong; his senses are keen to his surroundings. This man with which longs for times long ago hopefully can see that the time now and present is similar to then his spirit is still free though the land has changed he still fought for his land not to long ago. He was willing to go and fight for  his children to be free with a future and have their spirit remain free. This man still takes the time to teach them their past and guide their future. Hunt, fishing being on mother earth with them is letting them see their land where they once came from. This man has the ability to help his children and all the people around him to soar.Therefore, what this man longs for with in his heart hecan still have and feel all around him even though it has  changed. Mother earth is still his mother he looks towards the skies and see the same stars his forefathers saw, the mountains they saw, the rivers, streams, his people used so with every crinkle in the water the ripple affects grow as his passion for his people grows and surrounds him with the love and the pride of his people.