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My Night Sky

As the darkness falls, sending dreamtime
            to many eyes .It awakens me. I sit in the stillness
        of the twinkling wonders,the brightness of that
glowing burst of light, in awe. And I drift
       into the magic, the vast expansive of eternity.
           Where is beginning, where is end? There is none.
   Just this moment of wonder and reflection.
           The transactions of the day and how special they
                    have become.For they are my memories of tomorrow.
                      The calm, the stillness,taking me into self, together with
the oneness of all there is.

                               I am lured into each and every twinkle. Knowing each one is
                                   special and unique unto itself. I am taken to each, peeking into
                                a glimpse of one before me. Giving me lessons,and hope for a
                                   future to come. Knowing at some point, I will send out my own
                                         light, I will be but a twinkle, among many. But unique unto myself.
                                  I reflect on the times before and the times to come. I have come
                                        to know my night sky well, for it is those of my ancestors, calling to
                                         me, shinning on me and sending twinkles of those days of long ago.
                                    Their bursts of light in a dark vast sky of nothingness, makes me
                             realise that yes, I do matter. For without each little twinkle,
                   each little burst, the night sky would be forever dark.