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In Memory of my Dear Friend
  Pam Stone`s Father

       There is never really any words one can say or
   find that  can ease ones suffering and pain
   during times like this .So I have
    put together this page in hopes it
Will help in some small way

  Comfort in Knowing

 A light from your family has gone
   A voice you loved is still,
     A place is now vacant in your home,
No-one can ever fill.

 A silent grief that's in your hearts,
   No human eye can trace,
 For many a broken heart is hid,
Beneath a smiling face.

 There is a face before you.
  A voice you'd love to hear
 A smile you`ll always remember.
  Of a Dad you loved so dear.

    The Creator knew that he was weary,
     And the hills became to  hard to climb,
    So He put His arms around Him,
 And whispered "peace be thine

As The Creator  stood beside his bed,
 He took his hand and softly said,
  You've suffered more than you can stand,
   Come with me my child to a better land".

     Your Dad gave you many things in life,
       Gifts both great and small,
        But most of all he  gave you love,
       His greatest gift of all.

  My Prayer

  May you know the peace and comfort
This heartfelt thought imparts
   The ones we love are never gone
 They live forever in our Hearts

   Oh Great Spirit You must of needed this man
  to help you in your quest to make this world
  a better place and  that his work here on
    Mother  Earth was done.
        My vision tells me you have given him his wings
     So  that he may soar the Heavenly skies
Like the  mighty Eagle that soars and sings

 Ogen'akwa Okwa're /Bill / GoldenBear