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I Know that I am Indian

There are things in life to ponder
Questions we must ask~
But one thing I know is true
I am Indian at last
When I hear winds blowing
around all earthly things
And "hear" unheard voices
As all creation sings
I dare not question my connection
with the dusty plains
I feel the strength of Indian blood
flowing through my veins.
When I hear the drums beat steady
and view the eyes of pain
resulting from the going through
of many years of shame
I dare not question my connection
with those gone on before me
I feel their saddness and their grief
I am Indian, don't you see?
When I see the courage now
of those who walk this road
The strong committment to the cause
the willingness to carry this load
I dare not question my connection
to the heart beats of native-kin
I feel their strength, our spirits fly
Together we will win
The thing that touches me the most
are the faces of the children
Brown skin, black hair,
you can tell that they are Indian
They question not the blood lines
They question what it means,
to be native in this world and face
struggles yet unseen
We must tell them everything
They must be told it all
To be native, means Creator "made"
so my child "Stand tall"
I dare not question my connection
to forces all around
Safe, secure, determined now