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                   IN MEMORY OF MY



                                Gary  was not a very displayable man of his emotoins but behind
                      his mask he had  a great compassion for all Living things.
                                  Gary showed his inner being  by playing music and helping others
                                              he taught my brothers and I  how to play guitar..Gary had a true love for
                                                       Mother Earths gifts he loved the outdoors .He was always  camping or fishing
                                                           or going into the hunting camp or to someone elses camp most every weekend
                                                          Gary`s passion for the great outdoors showed me to respect what Mother Earth
                                        had to offer us .Preserve and only take what you need ..
                                                      Gary  you were like a 2nd Father to me and You also were taken home by the
                                     Great Creator so young in your circle of life
                              You were also a true Friend and I think of  you often  specially
                                      as I sit around a campfire as many we shared

                                                 You shared many things in life with me and one of the most favourable place
                                we ever shared a campfire was in Lingham Lake, a true beauty of
                                                        Mother Earths work.I was always learning from you even when we disagreed we
                                      had a Brotherly bond.I know you are sadly missed by all who crossed
                      your Earthly path. You and Dad also had a bond and I hope
                                                that the waters you are both fishing  today bring you both as much pleasure
                                           as you had here on Mother Earth

                                            KEEP A LINE IN THE WATER AND A LOG ON THE FIRE

                                                O:NEN FOR NOW MY FRIEND
                                       TIL WE MEET AGAIN