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         MistyOwl Open Your Wings And Soar Freely

                                                         Let me dry your falling tears
                                               By the whispers of my heart

                           Let me help you spread your wings once more
                                               To begin your new journey and start

                                               I will be your guiding Spirit
                                               And guide you to the dawns
                                               I'll be your every sunset
                                               I`ll always be here for you to lean upon

                                               When you need a little courage
                                                Or some strength to get you through
                                                Just know that I'm inside your heart
                                                And that I will always cherish you

                                                As the nights begin to fall
                                               With a their heavy mist in the air
                                                The Wolf  and the MistyOwl will always connect
                                                And knows that  each other cares

                                                So when you need some etxra courage
                                                To get you through your day
                                                Someone to help pick all the broken  pieces
                                                Please Know my Spirit is never far away

                                                And the next time you feel bit  lonely
                                                I'll send the whispers of my heart
                                                To set you up upon your dreams
                                                To help dry  your teardrops before they start

                                Ogen'akwa Okwa're.  aka Bill