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 DreamCatchers and their Legend

 Dreamcatchers were hung in lodges and teepees
       to ensure peaceful dreams. The good dreams,knowing the
way, slip through the webbing and slide down the soft
feather  to the sleeper. The bad dreams, not knowing
  the way,  become entangled in the web, and melt at the
        first  light of the new day. Small dreamcatchers were hung
             on cradleboards,so that infants would have only good dreams.

I can make the Dreamcatchers to your desire... using fur, leather , tanned deerskin,cowhide with metal rings  and skewn or thread for the web , with any type of beading and feathers  .I can aslo  create a Dreamcatcher out of most anything  like balsam ,wheeping willow branches but  these will take some time for they need to dry..At time of ordering and on confirmation a total price including price of shipping will be sent before  order is made... If buying 4 or more discounts will be given.

Remember no Two Dreamcatchers handmade will ever be the same just like natures spider , no Two webs are ever created the same..Also explain to me how you would like your Dreamcatcher to created
consisting of colour,skewn or thread,rings of fur,leather,wool, etc

  #1           5 inch hoop

#2                    2 inch hoop

#3                                5 inch hoop

     #4                       2 inch hoop

#5                                2 inch hoop

#6                              10 inch hoop   26inches long

    #7                            10 inch hoop

     #8                               12 & 9 inch hoop

     #9                                 12 inch   hoop

    #10                           12 inch   hoop

#11          7 ,5 ,3 , 2 inch hoops

#12          Mandella  16 inch hoop 41inches long

   #13              9 ,7 , 5  inch hoops
                                                      7 , 5, 3  inch hoops

  #14                5 inch hoop

#15           7,5,3 inch hoop

  #16          16 in hoop  Mandella

  #17        16 inch hoop   4 Sacred Colours Mandella

You may order a DreamCatcher similar to the ones by NUMBER  from the pictures shown  or you may order a personalized one  just for you or as a gift for someone  you love. No TWO DreamCatcher are identically the same ,   You may commission a Dreamcatcher  to be made to your specifications. Every DreamCacther is individual and one of a kind  including the ones shown. If you would  like a DreamCacther and do not  have an idea for it, you may share with me some  of your  thoughts about it and I will suggest some designs for one for  you.

These are some of the Metal Trinkets I use for a very nice looking add-ons
add $1.25 each  per add-ons.

We also make


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