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"Do Not Judge Me!"

Do not judge me by the color of my skin, just because it's different from yours.
No matter what color I may be on the outside, inside I'm the same as you.
Do not judge me by the style of clothes I choose to wear.
It is not the clothes a person wears that makes them who or what they are.
Do not judge me by the company I keep just because you may not approve of them.
No matter what type of crowd you may find me in,
I am my own person, responsible for my own actions.
Do not judge me by the places I go and the places you don't go.
In my mind and heart it is better to go where you want to be
than a place where you don't want to be.
Do not judge me by what I drink nor the foods I choose to eat.
It is not what goes in through my mouth, but what the heart allows to come out.
Do not judge me by the way I may act, just because to you it may seem to be a bit strange.
It's just the way The Creator made me, and it's the only way I know how to be.

Do not judge me by the lifestyle I choose to live,
just because it's far different from yours,
because as sure as the days are different from the nights
and the seasons are different from each other, I, too, am different from you.
Do not judge me by what you have and what I don't have,
because our blessings were not meant to be the same.
Do not judge or criticize anyone, for there are no perfect beings on Mother Earth.
We all make mistakes at some point and time in our lives.
We should accept people for who and what they are,
regardless of how different one may seem or be.
We should all learn to live and let instead of hate....
help each other instead of hurting!
If you should ever get the urge to judge someone, I suggest you stop...
take a good, long look at yourself and the life you've chosen to live,
then ask yourself one question, "Who am I to judge?"
However, once you've done this and you still feel you have the
RIGHT to judge others,
let me be the first to congratulate YOU for being PERFECT!