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                         Dancing With You


                                       That moment when the sun sets
                                              And an array of colors light up the evening sky
                                            Roses, pink carnations, violets, daisies
                                        All unfold their enduring petals, upon high
                                   That is what, I saw, in your eyes

                                     First star that fell across the horizon
                                      A fantastic dream I wished ever so sweetly
                                        Of an oasis of love blue that never dries
                                 While ocular drips of moonlight
                                  Splashed upon me and you

                                  A serenade of whistling wind
                                  Blew through rhythmic palm trees
                                   While we swayed in each other arms
                                 To beats of pulsating stars
                                And we danced harmoniously
                                   To natures charms