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Dance In Spirit


The beat of distant drumming
Awakes me from my sleep
Pulsing through my body
Like a heartbeat

The rhythm of the horse
Hoof upon the land
Sounds of distant drumming
Echoes all around

I hear the break of thunder
Lightening streaks across the sky
Natures music growing louder
As the clouds pass by

The rhythm moves my spirit
As I leap up onto my feet
Dancing now in harmony
Moving to the beat


I feel the wind  upon my face
As I stand up tall looking up I smile
My Spirits moves among our Mother Earth
They are here all the while

My hearts drums are beating faster
And the Thunder's on a roll
Man and nature together
This is the call

I go by the name GoldenBear
And now you can see why
I dance in spirit with the Bear
And will do until the day I die


August/ 3 / 2000