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The Dolphin Dream

I  look out far into the water as it sparkles from
the rays of the sun
    My mind takes me back in time when I was a child
When I went to see the dolphins and how I
wish I could be one
Not in captivity but living free in the wild

To dance and play and be so care free
 To play beneath the waters of the oceans and seas
And to dance above the waves where the wind
blows ever so softly upon my skin
But as I sit here  my mind fades off as my
chest touches my chin

This happens while I sit and listen to the sounds of the
roaring waves that crash  against the shore.
And while I am in tranquility my  spirit the bear
  visits me,he enters  with his gentle roar .
Oh Yes I am a dreamer  both during
the day and night Searching for answers, that I do not
have and seem so far away and out of sight

 My spirit sits down beside me and begins  to me
tell  me to becareful of what I wish for
  He tells me that the dolphin is truly a beautiful
living thing,but do I wish to be a tree
For it`s true beauty is it new begining
as it blossoms in the spring.
I thank my spirit and my brother the bear
for his great wisdom in my trouble times of despair

The lesson he has taught to me will stay with me
till the end of my time
I have learned to celebrate the gifts of others.
let me cherish what is mine
        Enjoy our Mother Earth and the many beautiful gifts
that she has to offer.
         Be what the creator gave you purpose to be, like your
sisters & brothers
         Be ones self, honour your life,never be afraid to dream
and to  journey in the unknown mist
of your heart and mind

Bill Rodgers Jan.15/2002

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