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     TO MY DAD

              I think of You Often and am still with heavy heart that
                           You were taken away from Mother Earth so young in life DAD
                                                 I know in my heart That the Great Creator needed you in Heaven with Him
                                                     I further know  You would of spoiled all my children and all your grandkids as
                                         your heart was pure like that of a Great Chief  taking care of his tribe

                                                  YES!!!!!YOU had a heart of GOLD. and  it showed by the number of friends
                                                    you  had as you were extremely well like in our and surrounding communities
                             For it wouldn't matter to you if they were (a perfect stranger or
                                           friend)You never failed to offer your heart or hands if  they needed help
                           You would always take the time to help you and that's DAD is
                                 what made You so special to so many people. I`ll end it here but I
                                               could go on and on and on .One Final thought is If I should be called home
                    with  you and I am just part of the   person you were Dad.
             I will have had a great journey here on Mother Earth

                     This page is just to let the world know
                           That  I MISS YOU and  I LOVE YOU DAD
               What makes a dad

                 God took the strength of a mountain,
                   The majesty of a tree,
                  The warmth of a summer sun,
                   The calm of a quiet sea,
                The generous soul of nature,
                The comforting arm of night,
         The wisdom of the ages,
                     The power of the eagle's flight,
                  The joy of a morning in spring,
              The faith of a mustard seed,
         The patience of eternity,
              The depth of a family need.

                   Then God combined these qualities.
                    When there was nothing more to add,
                     He knew His masterpiece was complete,
                         And so, He called it ... "DAD!"

                        Until we meet again  May the turning tide of twilight time
                          cleanse our souls to let our Spirits soar.and Let  our hearts fly
                             among the Vee's of  the geese tolling as the sun swings evenings door.
                            May your Guardian Spirit keep guiding me through my daily task and
                help me choose the best direction for me to journey


                              You  may be gone but You'll never
                            be FORGOTTEN !!  down here on Mother Earth

                                                                                           Indian Prayer

                                   Oh Great Spirit. Help me on my path in this life. Pick me up when I
                        stumble and fall. Bring me water when I am thirsty and tired.
                         Bring  me your blanket of love when I am cold and alone.

                                 May the Children of The Great Earth Mother always remember to
                               dance and sing in the light of Grandmother Sun, Nunda of the Day
                       and celebrate the abundance and beauty that is all around us.

                                          The Great Creator must of needed you  to take you all from us so Young
                           I trust your new journey will fill the hearts of many ,as you  did
                                        here on Mother Earth.  My thoughts of  you are  many.For I know you
                                                    are only fishing  in different waters and may the waters you fish in today bring
                                               you  much pleasure as it did here on Mother Earth. I know that a good part
                                       of  you is installed in all of us here on  Earth in one way ,shape or form

                                O:NEN MY FATHER  TILL WE MEET AGAIN