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                                                         Hi  This Is My Bio


                                                             My native name is GoldenBear ,Ogen'akwa Okwa're

                                                                 I have walked and traveled our Mother Earth and made many track
                                                all over the land and even though the winds of 47 winters
                                                       and summers have passed greying my fur and aging my paws
                                                       along the way, to this day I still stand tall as many do, nuturing
                                    and growing from the love of our Mother  Earth .

                                            real name is Bill ,I`m 47 yrs young ,Married ,6 kids
                                                                & 7 grandchildren.  I live in the great Province of Ontario ,Canada .
                                                                         I`m of  Mohawk & Blackfoot Descent with a dash of French & Scottish.
                                                   My interests are Fishing,Camping,Writing Poetry,Cooking,
                                                        Playing Guitar and Native Art   & crafts ,going to  PowWow`s
                                                                 and  learning as much as possible of my heritage, along with spending
                                                    time Learning how to do many things on my COMPUTER .

                                                             When on line , I may be found in the MSN ZONE playing Spades
                                                 or Cribbage with all the many New Friends I have  made.
                                                                But I will never to forget my Journey and all the Wonderful  Friends
                                                                   I made while I travel the Path through Mirc Chat especially at 2coast.



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