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                       A NATIVES PRAYER

                                    In my spirit live the voices of millions who came before me,
                             With Corn pollen and tobacco, I give thanks for all they
             endured.  As they make me who I am today.
                                    In my spirit are the trees, the Winged and four legged, the air
                           the water and earth.  I give thanks and make offerings
          to the Creator for my life and health today.
                                      With the coming of the dawn I stand in awe and sing the song
                                   Of my spirit and give thanks for the drum, my voice and my
                                     Brother's voices.  With the spirit of all creation we breath life
                             into our songs and make feathers come alive once again.
                         In my spirit are all these things.
                              Before my head hits the pillow I give thanks and pray that
                     Tomorrow I will be a better person than I am today.