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                                           When I was 18 and riding high in my  circle of life
                                        I decided to  start a family  with  my newlywedded wife
                                               Not long after  she gave birth to our 1st son
                                           We named him after her Father  we called him Gordon

                                                   Another year & some went by & again
                                                             pregnant my wife became
                                              Another son  was born I was joyously insane
                                                 My chest was swollen for now I have 2 sons
                                           I thanked the Heavenly Creator and we named him Jason

                                           Three years went  by my wife  begged to  tried for a girl ,
                                                   I gave into to her wishes and gave it another whirl
                                          With some sadness but more delight another son came
                                                Another beautiful baby boy so we called him Shane

                                              I worked and I worked hard to pay all our bills
                                              But some how our marriage was losing it`s thrill
                                                   We tried to keep from being stalemated
                                           When out of the blues she became again pregnant

                                                        As I worked hard 7 days a week
                                               Trying to stay afloat in making ends meet
                                                        Late one night  the time had come
                                           To my amazed Delight  born to me another son

                                              She had a tough time a lot of pain and agony
                                              We called our 4th Son  after our grandfathers
                                                                  Charles Anthony
                                          Four sons to me have been born , My lifes greatest gift
                                    A daughter would of been beautiful but noway trying  for a fifth
                                          Anthony  was my last ,no more giving it a whirl
                                           I`ll settle for grandaughters in  being my girls

                                               So off to the doc`s I went  to get the snipped
                                             No more will my navyboys will I be able to  flip
                                                     Oh plz don`t think that it won`t work
                                     Heaven forbid  all you men it will still stand tall and smirk

                                            Now I have 4 sons who are the hearts of my life
                                              But no longer do I have the comfort of a wife
                                           Somewhere the love died  between number 1 and 4
                                                She left us all with tears for forever  more

                                             Though  time has heal that fatal wound she left
                                          The scars still remains and  I have only one regret
                                          In my Heart  I tried to be a good father to them all
                                              I wasn`t perfect but I was theirs on 24hrs call

                                         Each and every one  in their own way is so unique
                                       A fathers pride as we hug and kiss when ever we meet
                                        Oh yes they will all be Grown on their own
                                          making their lives in this crazy world seeds to be sewen

                                           My Sons were not  perfect boys from time to time
                                        I know they were just  being boys these angels of mine
                                           There were times when I would get upset but more sad
                                         As a Single father I was just being human and a Dad
                                             But through all the love with in my heart
                                         It has kept us all close  even though we  live apart

                                            They all resemble me in some way ,shape or form
                                         Chips off the ole block my hearts of my life`s storm
                                        The time will come when the Creator will call me home
                                                These words I leave them ..Please do not mourn

                                          My time here on Mother Earth will one day be done
                                         And  I  have been  given a treasure in having 4 great sons
                                   And when it is my time to leave this world ,Please hear what I say
                                         Don`t mourn me for too long for I will never be far away

                                     Take peace in knowing I`ll be at peace where ever I eternally lay
                                         Just tell me you Love Me and I`ll be on my way
                                         Shed a tear for me and I`ll know our bond was true
                                               When you feel the wind of my Spirit touch
                                                          you`ll know I `m huggin You
                               Please remember what I have taught You about Family & Blood
                                       Come together aleast 3 times a year to say hello to me and
                                                         celebrate your Brotherly Love

                                               Now that this has been all said and done
                                         It`ll be time for you to get on with your lives my sons
                                      You are all the heart of my heart and blood of my blood
                                   My only wish is that my words of wisdom you`ve understood..

                       Ogen'akwa Okwa're