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               A Great Campfire Story


                         Darkness settled in like a warm blanket
                  on a cold winter night,
                    The flickering flames of evening fires
          were the only light.
                 Around the fires the young ones sit
              in quiet anticipation,
                For the Elders to teach them their
                history and traditions.
        They huddled close to the fire
                       as the night air grew cold,
                   Listening to the stories of warriors ,
       brave and bold.
              They listened to the stories while
               the wolves sang on the hill,
                        Stories of why the turkey gobbles and
                       how the kingfisher got his bill,
               They heard about the rabbit and
                 all his trickster ways,
                       Of how the world was made and how
                      the dog made the Milky Way.
                           They listened 'til their eyes grew heavy
                        until sleep carried them away
                                            Into the land of slumber to await the coming day.

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